Who is NetNZ?

NetNZ is a not for profit organisation that specialises in enabling high quality, online education across schools and communities. We have over 25 years experience educating learners online and can trace our origins back to the original elearning cluster in Aoteaora New Zealand. We are essentially a community of secondary and area schools who work together to provide online learning opportunities for their  students based on the New Zealand Curriculum.

To develop quality learning experiences for anyone, anywhere, across Aotearoa New Zealand

NetNZ creates a seamless, coherent and accessible educational environment that can support and sustain local communities. With its “communities” approach, NetNZ ensures every learner is a participant and a recipient, where belonging is considered a key aspect of both community success and individual growth.

NetNZ provides a forum where a diverse range of people come together to explore and embrace complexity and diverse perspectives in order to build a stronger, educated and more informed society.

The origins of NetNZ can be traced back to Oxford Area School in 1994. Driven by the need to innovate in order to maintain rolls,  Canterbury area schools worked together to provide senior courses for all schools willing to collaborate. Since that time, the provision of online learning across New Zealand, and in particular rural schools, has grown markedly and we are now also seeing a number of urban schools  taking advantage of the potential for collaboration, by joining NetNZ.

Our Values


Building relationships, developing connections with others, and working together. This creates a sense of belonging and community, and enables reciprocity.


Showing respect, generosity and care for others. The development of a people centred environment.


Recognition of the reciprocal relationship between learner and teacher. Tuakana or teina, all contribute to the learning process.

Mahi Ngātahi

Showing respect, generosity and care for others. The development of a people centred environment.