Ken Pullar
Executive Leader (Operations)
Ken is NetNZ’s  Executive Leader (Operations) with an oversight and responsibility for the organisation’s educational and business operations. He is also one of NetNZ’s online  ‘eTeachers’ (teaching Maths). Ken has played a significant role in the development of online education in New Zealand since 2000. As Deputy Principal at Roxburgh Area School, Ken played a central leadership role in the formation of OtagoNet in 2001. He has subsequently provided active support to many of NZ’s other eLearning clusters during and beyond their ‘start up’ phase, and played a key role in the formation Virtual Learning Network Community.  Ken has a strong interest in ‘future focused’ education, particularly ‘knowledge building’, and the learning, teaching & schooling  practices which centre on the growth of  a ‘lifelong learning’ disposition of all learners.  As a lifelong learner himself, Ken has completed postgraduate studies, and is a regularly participant as co-researcher in projects focussed on growing our understanding of the learning and teaching practice, particularly in an online environment.

Contact: e. t. (+64) 27 446 8532

    Darren Sudlow
    Executive Leader (Learning)
    Darren is Executive Leader (Learning) for NetNZ, with oversight of learning, teaching and communications. He has extensive experience in the application of technology and the internet in education including roles as Director of eLearning at Marlborough Girls’ College, ePrincipal of Cantatech (2008) and CantaNet (2011), and project leader of the Southern Central Divide Regional ICTPD Cluster. He has a passion for future focused education and in particular ‘connected’ approaches to learning that embrace use of the internet innovate. He is also a founding member of Knowledge Building New Zealand, an association dedicated to the promotion of knowledge building and connected approaches to learning, and has facilitated a number of workshops on the topic. He also has a firm interest in educational leadership, and completed post graduate studies in 2010. His background is in the Social Sciences, and he teaches Crafting History, a fully online project based course using Minecraft to re-imagine historical contexts.

    Contact: e.  t. (+64) 27 2171121